Classic Mahogany Baritone with Under Saddle pick-ups

Classic Mahogany Baritone with Under Saddle pick-ups
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  • Item #: CMM-BP

Our Classic Mahogany Baritone series

- Solid Mahogany wood construction

- Matte or Gloss finish

- Genuine bone nut and saddle

- Set up with Guadalupe custom Strings

- Sealed gear tuners

- Mi-Si Acoustic Trio (ACTIVE)

We take great care in the set up of each ukulele, paying close attention to the action and tone. Each and every ukulele is checked for buzzes and defects before being sent out. When you order be sure to specify your preference of tuning peg type and color and we will set it up just for you.

TUNING PEGS for your Baritone ukulele
Sealed gear tuners: Light weight tuners made especially for ukuleles. Gear ratio 14:1. Available in either silver or gold with either ebony or mother of pearl buttons.

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Price $479.50