Brown County Ukulele Festival January 21-22nd, 2022

Brown County Ukulele Festival will be held the weekend of January 21-22nd,2022. The entire festival will be located at the Brown County Inn in Nashville Indiana.The weekend will include concerts by major performers,workshops,strum-alongs,jams,open mics,vending and more.

Tickets for the festival are $65 for the weekend (per person).The event is not open to the public with the exception of the Corn Crib Lounge.


For more information contact Mainland Ukes at 812-988-6760

We are not mailing out physical tickets for the festival, your information is stored and will be available at registration when you check into the event.

If you are buying more than one ticket, please include the names of the other participants in the comment section so we can pre-print name tags.

Brown County Ukulele Festival January 21-22nd, 2022
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